Some poor guy in Brewster County lost his wallet. Unfortunately, he also lost over a thousand pounds of marijuana, so maybe the wallet is the least of his problems.

Photos posted to the Brewster County Sheriff's Office Saturday morning show stacks of pot in an abandoned SUV near Highway 90. Deputies and US Border Patrol agents say they recovered 1,127 pounds of pot from the vehicle.

They also recovered the suspect's wallet, which they've promised to return to him if he comes forward.

I get the feeling he's not going to take them up on the offer.

Can anyone out there tell the make and model of that SUV, by the way? Looks like a Ford. I've been looking for a more spacious ride, and that thing looks like it can fit plenty. Then again, that's probably not the sort of endorsement the manufacturer's looking for.

Personally, I think the guy could have fit more in there. Either he took some with him when he bolted or he's just awful at Tetris.

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