TMZ caught up with T.I. to get his thoughts on gun control.

As the country battles over the idea of gun control, with high school students protesting across the nation and on the doorsteps of lawmakers, demanding that action be taken to keep them safe in school following yet another massacre in a high school, this one in Florida that claimed 17 lives, people are weighing in with opinions.

T.I., who has long been politically and socially active, most recently being named to the new Atlanta mayor's transition team, spoke with TMZ about the issue.

"I think you should make it more difficult to make people who aren't mentally stable to have guns," he says. "But if you lose the right to bear arms, it's easy for the government to enslave people. Just not being a felon isn't enough. People think felons are the ones causing the problems but it seems as though people who are getting gun licenses and got guns legally are the ones causing mass hysteria."

When pressed about whether he thinks automatic weapons should be banned, T.I., who at that point was leaving with Tiny in tow, said, "could be."

Watch the clip above.


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