The “Blurred Lines” case has been a hot topic ever since the Marvin Gaye family won a $7.3 million judgment against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams. Now T.I. is caught in the legal crosshairs of the Gaye estate for his involvement in the hit song. Tip has recently spoke out about the case and feels he didn’t do anything wrong.

In an interview with TMZ, the Atlanta rhymer was asked about the Gaye family coming after him for his contribution in the chart-topping hit song. T.I. doesn’t seem concerned about the case but wanted to make it clear that he didn’t steal anything.

“I have nothing but admiration and respect for the legacy [of Marvin Gaye] and I have nothing but support and extreme admiration for my partner Pharrell,” he said.

“I know that I’m a writer, I’m a creator. I don’t steal from anybody creatively when I make my music,” he adds. “I think that anybody with common sense will be able to see that when they listen to it.”

The cameraman started fumbling some more questions at Tip, but the rapper stopped him short to give his last comment about the “Blurred Lines” case.

“Whatever happens, it’s out of my hands...I will be exonerated,” he said. “I know I did the right thing and I [didn’t] intend to steal from anybody with any of my material.”

As we previously reported, the late soul crooner’s family filed additional motions to have T.I., as well as several record labels, pay up as it relates to the production and distribution of “Blurred Lines.” The Gaye family insists that they are not trying to stop the sale and distribution of the song, but rather negotiate an agreement so that Marvin Gaye gets credit and future royalties from the song.

As for T.I., it looks like he wants to legally duke it out with the Gaye family. It will be interesting to see how this case will end up.

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