TMZ caught up with T.I. as he left Le Jardin in Hollywood Thursday night (Nov. 10), and a reporter questioned him about his attendance at an anti-Trump protest the night before. Of course, Tip, who's been vocal and supportive in the continued movement against oppression, had some potent things to say.

"For me personally, I just wanted to be able to look my kids in the eye and tell them that I've done everything that the Constitution allows me to do," the Atlanta rapper offered in explanation for why he was out marching with the people following Trump's election.

At the core however, T.I. said the issue is bigger than politics, as has been the sentiment of most people who vehemently oppose a Trump presidency. He said that white supremacists now feel as if they have a "spokesperson."

"And that can be dangerous," Tip said. Already, there've been reports of Muslim women being threatened, kids chanting racists slurs at schools and black women being threatened to be killed-- information that activist/journalist, Shaun King, has been tracking on his Twitter page.

When pressed further about whether or not he's fearful about living in a country that is so sharply divided, T.I. alluded to war.

"God is in control of all," T.I. said, "and every war has casualties on both sides, so it is what it is."

Catch T.I.'s comments in the clip above. Listen to his new socially-charged EP, Us Or Else here.

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