T.I. has a valid question for you—"when was America ever great for black people?"

TMZ caught the rapper at LAX and asked what one can only assume was a joke—"do you think black lives matter to Donald Trump?"

Tip, of course, laughs. "Is that a trick question?" he asks. "I don't think any lives matter to him except those that look and operate like him."

The rapper then proceeds to break down the history of blacks in America, so that it can forever and consistently be broke.

"You have slavery, women couldn't vote, black people weren't considered to be entire citizens, segregation, the crack epidemic which was funded and initiated by the CONTRA scandal," T.I. explains while getting into his vehicle. "All of these times in America were sh-tty times for us."

T.I. ends his quick explanation with one last thought.

"Whatever [Trump] is trying to get back to is some sh-t we need to get far away from."

Tip has been pretty active in the community since he first arrived on the scene 15 years ago, so his words come as no surprise. Most recently, he joined Killer Mike, Usher, Slim Thug, Young Thug and a host of other celebrities in moving his money to a black-owned bank, in effort to build wealth in the black community and also protest state-sanctioned police killings of black people.

Watch T.I.'s full response in the clip above.


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