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Justice Or Not?
I'm curious!! I want to know what your opinion is on Bill Cosby being charged with sexual assault. Is this a righteous move or do you believe that it is an attempt to ruin a cultural legacy? Vote on the inside!
Cannon Reaches out to Bynes
If you grew up watching Nickelodeon in the 90's, you remember Nick Cannon and Amanda Bynes as co-stars on the popular sketch comedy, All That. Years later, the America's Got Talent host is publicly reaching out to his friend, via an open letter posted on his website.
Rhianna and Chris Brown Duet?
While their relationship is arguably 'Nobody's Business,' Rihanna and Chris Brown have no issues using it to market themselves. Aside from the endless stream of racy Instagram shots and not-so-subtle Twitter posts they share, the tempestuous twosome are now collaborating on yet anothe…
Prop Joe Dead At 52
The massive achievement that is HBO's 'The Wire' is such that even supporting players left a lasting impression on pop culture. Robert Chew, who played Prop Joe, had one of the juiciest roles (in a show chocked full of them) as a pragmatic drug lord known for his negotiating skills. S…