Skip the Zoo
The nearest zoo is an hour's drive from Temple, and while it's definitely worth the trip, it isn't always a practical day trip. If you and the kids want to see exotic animals (and perhaps even take one home), stop by Fish Bowl Pet Express in Downtown Temple instead...
Texas Photography
Last week, we shared some gorgeous photos from a visitor of Yettie Polk Park in Belton. The same photographer recently paid a visit to Kerrville - a small town about 65 miles northwest of San Antonio. If you need a little getaway today, these photos of Kerrville's charming downtown may be just …
Yettie Polk Park
Belton is such a beautiful place, and those of who live in or near the town can't help but feel proud when a visitor praises it.
Bad CenTex Parking
Remember when you were a tiny kid and your parents taught you how to stay in the lines when you color? The concept doesn't seem to have stuck with these folks.
CenTex Rainbow Pics
Sunday's downpour in Central Texas had some people on edge, but it was worth it for these awesome images of rainbows and lightening!
Ontario Man Builds Awesome Ice Block Fort in Back Yard
It was a relief not to have to deal with the sub-zero temperatures our northern neighbors faced as the polar vortex swept across North America last week, but man did we miss out on some great opportunities!
UnspeakableFilth, a Reddit user from Northwestern Ontario, posted the photo gallery below to t…

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