B106 and Epic Records would like to hook you up with tickets to see Epic recording artist DDG Friday night in Dallas at the South Side Ballroom.

Plus, we'll also hook you up with hotel accommodations!

DDG is a part of the Kevin Gates tour, and yes, we are the plug! If you have the free B106 app, that is. If not, you can get it here for iOS or Android. It's completely free, and it's your key to unlocking the app-exclusive entry form below.

Once you have the app, tap the DDG Tix button on the home page and scroll down to the entry form. Once you fill that out, you're automatically entered into our digital drawing, and we'll be in touch if you win!

The show is starring Kevin Gates and features DDG. It's one of the hottest shows coming to Texas this season, and want to make sure you and a friend are there.

Maybe you've noticed that we are currently playing DDG with his single HOOD MELODY.

You've also heard his song Run It UP!

All you have to do for a chance to win is fill out the form below. You don't have to be caller 10 or memorize any keywords. Just shoot us some contact information, and if your name comes up in our digital drawing, we'll be in touch.

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