There are several clues and signs that you are becoming your parents. One of the signs is that you start to imitate your parents is you complain about the price of everything. If you're that person who does not understand why on earth we would be taxed on feminine hygiene products like tampons and pads, along with diapers. According to KSLA 12 "The Senate Committee on Revenue and Fiscal Affairs approved a bill Monday, April 22 that would allow Louisiana voters to decide if diapers and feminine hygiene products should be exempt from state sales tax collections."

If this bill is passed it can potentially cost Louisiana close to $10 million every year. Yup, that is how much we are paying in taxes on bare necessities every single year in Louisiana. Many Louisiana residents are cheering on New Orleans Democrat Sen. JP Morrell’s bill. If the bill is approved by the legislature, votes will happen through a constitutional amendment.

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