Temple Firefighters and the city Fire Marshal are investigating a grass fire that happened on Thursday, March 21st, as a suspected case of arson.

The fire that broke out last week and took utility, phone, and internet service with it and leaving many area residents in the dark. The first call to come in about the fire happened about 8 p.m last Thursday, sending firefighters to the area of Red Coat Drive.

Upon arrival, firefighters found a wooden privacy fence on fire along with a utility box that belonged to AT&T burning in an alley. Authorities say a group of juveniles was seen in the area.

It seems like its either rocks being thrown off highway overpasses, churches being vandalized, or kids setting stuff on fire. This summer break is going to be a really long one.

Best of luck to the Fire Marshal's office. We hope they are able to identify the people responsible for this.

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