Temple ISD has made changes to keep students safe as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

KCEN reports that the local school district is working overtime to keep high traffic areas disinfected and safe as kids return to school. Students may notice new safety guidelines when visiting the cafeteria or when getting on the school bus.

Last school year, students could pick out their lunch, punch in their school ID number and sit wherever they liked, but with the new safety precautions, that routine will look a lot different.

Temple ISD has now implemented the touchless lunch system. Instead of punching in their ID number, they will scan a barcode, or staff will verbally ID them. With this new plan comes plexiglass and taped seats to ensure that students are correctly socially distancing.

At all bus stops, students will be reminded that a mask is required to enter the bus. All buses will be wiped down and disinfected twice a day.

Temple ISD is determined to make this a safe and successful school year.For more information on Temple's ISD guidelines and safety protocol visit KCENTV or the Temple ISD website.

While school districts do their best to make classrooms, hallways, and cafeterias safe for students and staff, there are things families can do to help out too. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website has a list of tips, and CDC experts still recommend the basics such as wearing a mask when physical distancing is difficult or impossible, frequently washing or sanitizing hands, avoiding touching your mouth or eyes, and disinfecting surfaces and materials that are touched often.

Getting back to school is always stressful enough without a virus going around, so this year's students and faculty face some unique challenges. It'll take everyone working together and being considerate of others for us to help these kids have a successful academic year.


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