NEWS 10 reports that a Temple, Texas man has admitted to killing his neighbor and dumping the body.

Think about how many times you have seen a car abandoned on the side of the highway. Sometimes you can tell a citation has been issued as the empty car sits on the side of the road with a sticker on it or an indication that the vehicle has been left there for one reason or another. In this case, an abandoned pick up truck and a missing person added up to trouble as Temple PD soon discovered.

Palmer Grant Contreras was overheard calling an accomplice and asking for help with getting rid of the body of Tommy Glen Herbert. On May 29th, a Temple police officer got a call from a man saying his father was missing and that he expected he was in danger after finding his truck near the interstate.

Another person who spoke to police but remains anonymous told a TPD detective they went to check on Herbert but, like his son, could not find him at home. This individual spoke with Contreras who then confessed to the murder on May 28th. At this time Contreras said he needed help hiding the body.

Contreras was then seen leaving his home in his truck while with another man jumped into the truck that belonged to the missing Tommy Herbert. This truck was later found abandoned along the interstate. Herbert's truck was found later that day. Contreras remains locked up in the Bell County Jail on bonds totaling $150,000. Charges include tampering with evidence and additional offenses.

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