Probably the best part about the phrase, "Everything is bigger in Texas," is that it is so easily applied to just about every category, especially when we are listing all the reasons and ways that Texas ranks as best overall, or right near the top compared to the other 49 states. Texans often do not limit the contest to being just among the United States, not when there are 192 other countries to also dominate as well.

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So, when it is supper time and you have a Texas sized appetite, what could be greater than seeking out the top buffet in the Lone Star State? Believe it or not, this palace of a restaurant is still a secret to many even within their neighborhood even though the eatery has been open for about 40 years.

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To be perfectly honest, I am not the biggest buffet fan, and those types of restaurants are generally not even discussed when trying to choose a place to dine. My wife Lindsay on the other hand would most likely purchase a subscription to this place if it were available.

Texas Restaurant Now Named Best Buffet In The State

There are many reasons for checking out Kalachandji’s Restaurant & Palace in Dallas like their gorgeous patio, or the fact that every dish is vegetarian. That is right, the top buffet in the Beef State is a vegetarian restaurant. You can read more, and check out the other 49 states' best buffets in this Reader's Digest article.

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There's so much history involving restaurants & Texas. But what are the oldest restaurants in Texas? Here are 15 of the oldest places you can enjoy food in the Lone Star State.

Gallery Credit: Daniel Paulus

Blue Bell Ice Cream On The List of Top 15 Brands Nationwide

Blue Bell is the official ice cream of Texas, and my personal favorite. According to a new list of the 15 best brands of ice cream nationwide, Blue Bell was ranked in the middle.

In addition to ingredients, texture, and variety, Tasting Table used Influenster and other site reviews as part of its ranking process.

Scroll on to find out how Blue Bell compared to the number one ice cream, and how all 15 on the list were judged.

Gallery Credit: Tamme Taylor

Remember These? Here Are 10 Great Restaurants We Miss in Temple, Texas

Just the other day I was driving past Clem Mikeska's in Temple for lunch and a memory popped in my head about Wes's Burger Shack More, and the former business that used to have delicious pizza.

I remember going there for lunch just a few years ago and taking my entire hour to take advantage of that pizza buffet! The different variety of pizza stuck out to me. I even remember the game area!

A few weeks ago, we asked listeners on Facebook about restaurants they missed that aren't around anymore in Temple, Texas.

Boy did we receive a great response!

So now it's time to reminisce about old breakfast spots, taco joints, Chinese and Mexican restaurants, and lunchtime favorites we used to frequent in Temple.

Based on your responses here are 10 Great Restaurants We Miss in Temple, Texas.

(Notes from editor Aaron Savage, who grew up in the Temple area and frequented most of these places.)

Gallery Credit: Trey the Choklit Jok, Townsquare Media

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