I think we might have a new diet trend.

Whether you don't eat meat because you're "better than me" or only eat meat because that's what the cavemen did, I couldn't care less. Everyone is on the fad diet train and wants to talk about it.

One North Texas business owner is kicking the new year off with a nutrition challenge that I don't see anyone else doing.

Mitch Felderhoff, the president of sales and marketing as well as a co-owner of pet food distributor Muenster Milling Co., has vowed to eat nothing but his company's dog food for 30 days.

He's not doing it for health or ethical reasons - he just wants to prove he believes in the products he makes so much that he would eat it himself.

And that he has done. As we reach the end of the month, Felderhoff has consumed nothing but high-protein, freeze-dried premium dog food and kibble without sauce or any seasoning.

He's been documenting his challenge on social media.

It hasn't been easy, and Mitch even admits that he didn't really want to do it. He's tried a couple of silly diets for a month in the past and knew he could handle it.

Who hasn't tried some dog food when they were a kid?

He claims to have already lost 20 pounds, which could be due to a loss of appetite more than a clean diet. But Muenster Milling has taken steps to make sure their products are as safe and nutritious as possible. It's probably a pretty healthy deal.

Good luck, Mitch. Finish strong!

I take back my harsh words on fad diets. Like I always say, I love 'em all so much so that I combine them all together and eat whatever I want.

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