CORRECTION: An earlier draft of this article stated that Pamela Turner was pregnant. Turner reportedly claimed to be pregnant during the struggle with officer Dorris. CBS news reports that she was not pregnant. We apologize for the error.

I am honestly tired of these scared police officers who have to shoot a person multiple times to calm a situation down.

(And I'm not gonna bring race into this, though I could.)

KWTX reports that last night a Texas woman who had outstanding warrants had a confrontation with police officer Lt. Steve Dorris, who was trying to arrest her and with whom she's dealt before.

After the woman refused the arrest a scuffle ensued, in which Officer Dorris tased her. She was able to retrieve the taser and use it on the officer.

The officer shot her 5 times, killing her.

Were 5 shots necessary? How about subduing  her some other way, or shooting her in the leg? Something to that effect?

The popular excuse in the past when the police shoot and kill someone is always "they feared for their life".

I don't know how much of a threat she was to his life, but the force he used and which resulted in her death was far too much if you ask me.

CBS News reports that 44-year-old Pamela Turner lived in the same apartment complex as the officer.

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