Police in San Antonio recently arrested the owners of a dog that viciously attacked an elderly couple. The attack resulted in serious injuries to a 74-year-old woman, and the tragic death of an 81-year-old man. Reports say that two other men were also injured during the attack.

KTSX reported that the dog's owner, Christian Alexander Moreno, was arrested initially, followed by the arrest of his wife, Abilene Schnieder, who was found later to also be the partial owner of the dog.

The dog was able to easily escape a small hole in the fence and was not wearing a collar or a harness, which were actually a requirement of Animal Control Services when the dogs were previously released from their care and back to the owners. It was not the first time this dog was involved in an attack and it was euthanized along with two other dogs in the couple's possession.

This is an absolutely horrible scenario. Can you imagine living your entire life, to the ripe age of 81, only to be killed by a dog? This could have been prevented, and those dogs should have never been given back to this family after the first time they attacked someone. It's really sickening to watch the video of the woman apologizing for the incident with her child standing next to her.

Not only did they have three dangerous dogs in their yard, but they also had a house full of kids.

Here's to hoping these two losers never have the opportunity to have a dog again.

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