In the states of Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, and D.C, recreational and medical use of marijuana use is TOTALLY LEGAL.

More than 20 other states have approved legal use of medical marijuana.

So what's up with Texas??


Governor Greg Abbott did sign the Compassionate Use Act in 2015. This allows people who suffer from epilepsy to obtain low-THC cannabis oil, legally.

But as far as marijuana usage that's legal in the state of Texas, yep.... that's about it.

Politicians as well as 'marijuana activists' will be making sure their voice is heard when the next Texas legislative session commences. 

“If we are compassionate about people with epilepsy, then we should be compassionate about people with cancer, and cataracts and glaucoma and veterans who are being put on all kinds of opioids, it is senseless to me that the State of Texas thinks it knows better than people’s doctors.” State Sen. Jose Menedez, a Democrat told Texas Public Radio.

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is seeking to convince lawmakers to lessen penalties for simple, small amount marijuana possession.