A Texas father shot a man (he should have) who he says was looking into his 10-year-old daughter's window.

KAKE reports that the unidentified suspect was touching himself inappropriately outside the man’s daughter's window at around 2 AM on Monday, June 28.

Reportedly, the girl screamed when she saw the man and her parents confronted him and demanded he lay down until the police came.

Both parents are licensed handgun carriers. They followed the suspect as he went across the street to a gas station, where he managed to wrestle the gun from the mother's hands and pointed it at her. Her husband then shot the suspect three times

According to the report, the father says the daughter complained before about someone watching her through the window but was never able to catch who it was.

Reportedly the suspect Is in critical but stable condition.

Personally, the father did exactly what I would have done in that situation.

Kudos to both parents for assuring their daughter's safety.




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