The summer solstice is quickly approaching Texas, and even though the first day of summer is not until June 20th, from a meteorological point of view, we entered summer on the first day of June, and that is also when we entered hurricane season. Just because we are officially in Hurricane season, it is still relatively uncommon to experience a major hurricane before the 4th of July with peak hurricane season happening around Labor Day.

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The worst hurricane in world history struck Galveston 5 days after Labor Day in 1900 on September the 8th, and September 10th is considered to be the peak day in hurricane season.

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Right now a storm is brewing across Central America, and just about every weather predictor on the planet agrees that it will most likely become the first tropical storm of the season, and will receive the name Alberto. What is still uncertain is whether or not this system will reach hurricane status as it is expected to make landfall in northeast Mexico on Wednesday.

Beware Texas: First Hurricane Season Storm Now Moving Towards US

If the popular opinion is already conceding that the storm will reach a nameable status, then it will not take many additional factors for it to intensify, and become a hurricane. We will most certainly not put a cart before a horse, but like most challenges in life, it is best to be prepared.

At minimum, the Lone Star State should expect some storms heading our way, and adjust accordingly.

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