Here’s another instance where someone committed a heinous crime against a young child, leaving the rest of us to wonder how anyone could possibly be so cold blooded.

Reportedly, an eight-year-old Odessa girl died after a husband and wife made her jump on a trampoline during late summer heat in Texas as a punishment.

I have a lot of questions to ask First of all, because the report says that the non-biological parents were charged with capital murder...where are the kid's biological parents? Is she a foster child?

I have questions!

KRIS-TV reports that police were responding to a medical call back in August when they located a child who was dead upon their arrival.

Police say not only had the eight-year-old been forced to jump on a hot trampoline as a punishment, but she wasn’t allowed to eat breakfast or drink any water because she wasn’t jumping in the way the adults wanted her to.

The temperature was reportedly about 110° F, with the ground temperature being almost 150° F.

As reported by KCBD-TV, an revealed that the cause of death was dehydration, and authorities ruled that the little girl's death that was a homicide. An arrest warrant was issued for both Daniel Schwartz and Ashley Schwartz. The Odessa Police say that both are being charged with capital murder which is, of course, a capital felony.


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