Comedian Denis Leary used to take a disliking to folks who would walk around in the summertime saying "How about this heat?"

The temps the last couple of days here in Tejas have been rather breathtaking, especially in the afternoon. It's not much of a surprise that the folks at the Energy Reliability Council of Texas sent word out Tuesday afternoon asking residents all over the state to reduce their electricity usage during the hours of peak demand (3p to 7p).

With temperatures over the 100-degree mark, the council says the reserve capacity fell below 2,300 megawatts. KWTX News 10 shared some comments from ERCOT President Bill Magness who asked consumers to try to do simple things to cut back on electric use during the afternoon hours by turning off lights, and cutting back on the air conditioning by even just a few degrees can be a big help overall.

No power outages were reported on Tuesday afternoon. We can help keep it that way by setting thermostats 2 or 3 degrees higher, turn off the pool pumps, and avoid using the washer, dryer, and the oven between 3p and 7p will all help get the job done.

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