This is like something from a nightmare. A Houston, Texas woman says she's now stuck with an incurable disease thanks to the actions of a janitor who apparently couldn't keep his appendage to himself. Graphic warning: Some people may find the details of this story disturbing.

Caught in the Act

KTRK-TV reports that 50-year old Lucio Catarino Diaz was caught on video putting his penis inside a co-worker's water bottle. According to authorities, the victim, identified only as M.A. to protect her privacy, says that she started bringing her own bottles to work because the office water dispenser she was getting her water from had a foul smell and taste to it. It took her a while to finally figure out what was going on.

One day while getting ready to make coffee, M.A. and her co-worker noticed the liquid in her water bottle was yellow. This wasn't the first time. Being that she worked in a medical office, she thought she would let the doctor she worked for know what was going on, and had a medical assistant run a test on the liquid. Sure enough, what you probably are suspecting is right. The test came back that there was in fact urine in the water. Ewwwww. Same thing I said.

Police: This Was Very Much Intentional

Houston Police say Diaz knew what he was doing when he rubbed his penis on the mouth of the water bottle. He knew her mouth would come in contact with his bodily fluids. According to Texas authorities, Diaz is infected with an incurable, and in some cases fatal, type of sexually transmitted disease. According to court records, M.A. was tested and is also infected with this same disease. Scroll down to watch the video report from KTRK.

How Did They Know?

While trying to figure out, and really wanting to know what was going on, M.A. purchased a spy camera and had it hidden on her desk. She was notified that there was some motion and began watching Diaz unzip his pants and put his penis in the water bottle that she left on her desk.


Diaz has been charged in Harris County with incident assault and aggravated assault
with a deadly weapon, and police say he committed the crime out of malicious intent. (I'd say that with a side of needing a mental assessment and help.)

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What Did We Learn Here Today, Folks?

Don't leave open food and beverages at your workspace unattended. If it looks or smells funny, it most likely is. Be safe and just throw it away. If you suspect someone you work with is doing things that may be questionable, let someone know and report it.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. K-Lew out.

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