Residents of Texas are often characterized as staunch supporters of the Bill of Rights, and as the state with the most hunters in the entire country, owning a gun is very high on those inalienable rights that many in the Lone Star State hold so dear. Of course Texas is also an open carry state, and it is not uncommon to see rifles over shoulders, or a pistol in a side holster in any given public space that has not been declared a gun free zone.

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So, if you are of the age of respective majority, and have not been disqualified from gun ownership due to a criminal record, a Texan is not required to have any additional paperwork to own and display a gun. However, there is one license issued by the state of Texas that immediately makes owning a gun illegal.

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Owning A Gun Illegal With This New Texas Status

Talk about a very weird predicament to be caught in a battle between state and federal law. Federal Government considers you an acknowledging abuser of a level one narcotic simply because your doctor has prescribed you medical marijuana.

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Imagine being in a situation where you have to decide if the Second Amendment is more important than your life and the pursuit of happiness. So, your licensed physician and you may agree that low levels of THC can vastly improve your quality of life, but that automatically means you no longer can defend your life with the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

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