An Orange, Texas man is charged with the capital murder of a toddler and is being held on $2 million dollar bond.

Yovahnis Roque is charged with murdering the two-year-old child with a hammer in their southeast Texas home. Orange police Captain Robert Enmon says Roque was arraigned on Wednesday. Enmon says Roque killed the little girl in her bedroom with the hammer.

KWTX reports that Police on the scene are calling it one of the most horrific crime scenes they have dealt with in their career saying it was "a crime scene of nightmares".

Jail records indicate that Roque is not currently represented by an attorney. Good luck finding someone who would want to defend someone who did what Yovahnis did. Orange police say they got a phone call from a neighbor saying the child was in trouble before arriving around 11 am at the home on Tuesday morning.

Child protective services told the media that the girl was the only child living in the home. No previous complaints had been made about that residence.

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