No, it is not in your head, the flu is definitely going around extra heavy right now in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area, and we are not even getting the worst of it when compared to the rest of the state.

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Right now, the heart of Central Texas is ranking as the 6th worst metro area in the United States for flu symptoms according to the latest tracking info from Walgreens. In total, six of the ten worst cities for flu are occurring right here in the Lone Star State.

Why is the flu so bad right now in Texas?


The flu season here looks to be potentially still in the early stages according to this NBCNews article,

"We have weeks and weeks of flu season to go, and maybe even a couple of months."

Already we have seen schools close down for weeks at a time across Texas due to the flu, and there could be several more to follow suit as the winter months continue. Remember when spring break became indefinite during the onset of Covid-19?

How do you keep from getting sick with the flu in Texas?

As the viruses pile up, be sure to be extra careful as you are recovering from one illness as other illnesses are more likely to drag you down while your body is still weak from the previous invader.

My wife has only been at her new job for 3 weeks, and she's already fighting off a second parasite. So, it's not in your head, something is definitely going around.

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