This comes as no surprise to anyone in Texas.

The website has ranked every state in order of the worst to best when it comes to the food scene, and Texas was ranked #1.

I'll be honest, though - this is one messed up list. Pretty sure that the person/persons who made the list have never been to half the states they rip. And when I say rip, I mean they deserve to take a shot in the face for a few of their comments, starting with the West Virginia roadkill comment. And the North Dakota makes South Dakota look like France should earn them an ass whooping from both states. I've been to both and they at least shower in South Dakota.

The only thing that they seem to have gotten correct is their number one choice. Texas.

They focus on 4 cities, which is no surprise, really: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. So, even though Texas is the 2nd biggest state, 4 cities kicked the rest of America's ass.

Let's be honest - the BBQ scene alone kicked the crap out of people. Throw in steaks, Tex-Mex, breakfast tacos, and dare I say food trucks, and the rest of the country had no chance.



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