Bad news for abusers who think they can go to a different county with a clean slate.
A new online database listing protective orders issued by Texas courts in domestic violence cases will make it easier for courts and law enforcement to access those orders, and more difficult for domestic abuse offenders to hide their crimes by moving from county to county. The database was made possible by "Monica's Law", named for Monica Deming of Odessa who was murdered by an abusive ex-boyfriend in 2015.
According to State Representative Brooks Landgraf, Monica and her family had no idea that the man who murdered her had two previous protective orders issued against him, but was able to easily hide them under the existing laws. Landgraf and her family believe she might still be alive if they'd access to that information.
“The Texas Protective Order Registry fills in an information gap that existed between the courts, law enforcement, and the public as it relates to protective orders arising from incidents of domestic violence,” Representative Landgraf said. “Now, repeat offenders of domestic abuse won't be able to hide their crimes by moving from county to county, because every court and law enforcement agency in the state will have access to a complete database of all protective orders.”

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