Let me first start off by saying THIS SUCKS!

Emily Bauer works at Red Hook Seafood and Bar in San Antonio. She recently received a $2,000 tip from a generous customer, but her manager says the establishment can't process tips higher than $500.

Last Sunday was a busy day at the restaurant, and an empathetic customer noticed how hard Bauer was working. The customer reportedly owns multiple restaurants, so of course they'd understand how much pressure servers are during a rush and around the holidays.KVUE reports that the guy canceled his order and gave Bauer a $2000 tip, leaving a note that read, “Merry Christmas Keep Working Hard”.

Surprised and happy about the tip, Bauer thought about how merry she was going to make Christmas for her two small children.

Here’s with the sucky part comes in:

The restaurant's manager told Bauer they can only process tips of up to $500, and explained to Bauer she can’t accept the money.

But there’s an interesting twist to the story. Apparently, the restaurant where she works claims that this report did not include the entire story where the gentleman was called and told the tip was invalid.

So the restaurant didn't receive the funds and now the search is on for this mystery man! Hopefully he's seen this story by now and been in touch with Emily. It's a shame that such a huge act of generosity had to become such a headache for everyone involved because of a weird technical limitation.

Let's hope for a happy ending like the one we saw earlier this week when a server in Iowa received a $1,3000 tip on Thanksgiving day.

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