That's one GIANT roll of toilet paper folks. Some might even call it 'Texas-sized'. When completely unrolled, the toilet paper is the same length as the Washington Monument.

The folks at Charmin are calling it the Forever Roll because it can last up to three months for a person who lives alone, it also requires half as much cabinet space. reports the product is advertised as targeting millennials who often live alone or at least have a tendency to put off marriage and starting a family until later in life. It does seem like a dream come true if you always walk into the bathroom and seem to be down to the last of the TP. As P&G says, "It's one less thing to think about."

The Forever Roll comes in two sizes: 8.7 inches, and the multiuser 12-inch roll. Your standard roll of toilet paper usually measures around 5 inches. You didn't think you could learn this much about toilet paper today, did you?

The roll is so big it even comes with its own holder which is a stainless-steel that can stand free or be mounted to the wall. The starter pack also comes with 3 Forever Rolls for around $30 dollars. You can find more info on buying the starter pack here.

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