Despite never seeing my team in the Super Bowl, I always end up rooting for one team in the big game without getting too invested.

I thought I may as well pull for the Chiefs on account of their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, being a native Texan. Then I saw a story from KFOR.COM about the former MVP and knew I made the right decision.

Mahomes played college football at Texas Tech. while he was there he visited High Point Village in Lubbock - a faith-based nonprofit that works to enrich those with special needs.

His fundraising visit made a huge impact on many of the villagers. One of the villagers said Mahomes is  “Fast, fast as me almost. That’s why I like you as a best friend,”.

So not only is he one of the most fun/talented players to watch, he's one of the kindest. I love sports for what they are and simply enjoying the game, but I'll root for the success of kind-hearted folks any day.

Go Chiefs!


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