There are a lot of weather events occurring simultaneously in Texas, and perhaps the biggest one to be observing is our transition from El Nino to La Nina for the upcoming summer months. Already in 2024, we have received more than 2/3rds of our annual rainfall, while only being just barely past the 1/3 mark for the year.

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Much of the extra precipitation is being attributed to spending the first winter in the past four experience El Nino instead of La Nina, and how that has had an affect on our transition through spring into summer. Almost every area lake in the Lone Star State is at or above 100% for the first time since above average hurricane and tropical storm seasons of 2010 and 2011.

Now, we will be hitting La Nina for summer, and when we last transitioned out of those wet seasons of 2010 into 2011, we experienced some of the worst heat in the history of the state.

What will Texas temperatures be like for summer 2024?

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As you can see, we are expecting above average temperatures again for summer of 2024, and some people are even questioning if we might somehow be worse than the past two years when we were also experiencing extreme drought.

How much rain should we expect this summer in Texas?


From a rain perspective, things do look good for your water usage this summer because we should not be under any restrictions as average rainfall is expected during June through July.

So, we may be in for hotter than normal temperatures, but at least we won't feel guilty topping off our pools, washing our cars, and watering the garden.

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Now, our electric bills may be another story.

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