Oh my goodness, what is happening! First, we have the Blue Bell licking epidemic. Now we have kids spitting in Arizona Tea bottles! Our tea! If there is anything more sacred on Texas grocery store shelves than Blue Bell, it's sweet tea!

CBS 7 reports that a 15-year-old in an Odessa Albertson's store has been arrested for spitting in an Arizona Tea bottle. The kid admitted to spitting in the bottle to the manager and then claimed to have just taken a sip and put it back. He fed that story to the police, too.

His reason for taking a sip and not buying it? It was "gross". Well it is now, you jerk!

How is this a trend? What is the appeal? Gosh, at least we are catching and punishing these guys.

He's charged with tampering with a consumer product, which is a second-degree felony. Is "being a punk kid" a charge? If so it should require hard time in the big house.



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