Hearts are heavy for many residents in Houston as the community mourns the death of three citizens.

Questions are surfacing as investigators are trying to determine what led a 19 year old to fatally stab his television - personality mother and brother before killing himself. Police in the Dallas suburbs said McCann Utu Jr. attacked his mother, Stacy Fawcett, and his 17 year- old brother early Friday. Authorities are saying he called 911 and admitted to the killings before butchering himself.

As the investigation continues several family members are stepping up and according to Utu's uncle, Scott Fawcett, "He had just completely mentally dwindled away,"  Authorities are working diligently to put the pieces to the puzzle together but there aren't many clues left behind seeing as though there was no suicide letter and no past calls from the home.


Utu's uncle, Scott Fawcett, said his nephew's mood took a dramatic turn about a year ago, and that he was receiving psychiatric care and concussion therapy. Right now the motives for the suicide are unclear, especially with no witnesses to the attack.


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