The list of exceptional reasons to move to Texas is seemingly approaching the million mark, but believe it or not, there are still several towns you should do your best to avoid living because their crime statistics make them considerably less than stellar. Please do not get it twisted, living in the Lone Star State is far superior than pretty much 49 other states across the country, but you already know that, and that is exactly why you are making your way to our friendly state.

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Before you begin thinking that all of the nice towns are way out of your price range, or running short of available housing, please keep in mind that the cost of living throughout Texas even in the large metros, is still likely to be well below the rest of the country. Also, median home prices are remaining fairly reasonable, and the housing market is so strong that even the modest homes are just about guaranteed to increase in value at a good rate over time.

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The decision for many that are currently relocating to Texas is to pursue better career opportunities in the most business friendly state in the nation, but we also provide a massive number of the preferred places to retire. Our mild winters and property tax relief for senior citizens keeps the livability score very high even for those on fixed incomes.

Welcome To Texas, Now Avoid Living In These Towns

So, enjoy finding your new Texas home, just make sure you shop around a bit, do your research, and avoid these towns.

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