It was the only important topic of discussion I had this week in Temple, Texas with my superior. The most unproductive day of summer is quickly approaching in the Lone Star State, and I wanted my direct supervisor to know that I whole heartedly planned on contributing my efforts to the cause.

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Summer can be a very trying time for productivity as workers juggle the change in their family schedules from school being out, activities like family vacations, sports tournaments and camps, and it is often filled with loads of doctor appointments that you were unable to get to while school was in session.

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Overall, the least productive day of the work year is calculated to be the day after the Super Bowl. The Monday after the Super Bowl is always very unproductive, but if we are being honest, just how productive is a Monday ever going to be even on its best day?

Beware The Most Unproductive Day Now Approaching In Texas

As far as unproductive in the summer, that winner is going to be the 5th of July, and it is not just because it is a Friday this year for the first time since 2019. In fact, the day after the 4th was more unproductive in 2018 than the following day which happened to be a Friday.

Imagine that, people took the free day from Independence Day, then the next day off, and some then actually elected to head back to work for Friday without turning it into a five day weekend.

Well, I will definitely be sleeping in this 5th of July and enjoying the long weekend with the family participating in eating as much Blue Bell as possible. How about you?

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