Hey lady, ever heard of a Zoo?

Nye County Sheriff's Dept., Pahrump, NV

Harris County resident Trisha Meyer, 34, was arrested in Nye County, Nevada near the town of Pahrump - coincidentally, the hometown of original Coast-to-Coast AM host Art Bell - on charges related to her ownership of several tigers, a fox, a skunk, and at one time or another, a few monkeys. Reports said Meyer had permits to own the tigers but not the other animals. The bigger issue was the presence of Meyer's 14-year-old daughter residing with her in the home. Yes, friends, that's a big no-no.

Nevada authorities told Click2Houston Meyer was in jail on child endangerment charges with a $2,000 bail.

The big issue seems that these tigers, some of whom are old enough to be very dangerous, were allowed to roam free inside the house. Combine that with the monkeys, which she said were ill-tempered and that's unfit for man or beast.

I hate to think what the place smelled like. Especially with a skunk. P-U!