Sometimes trains are sneaky.

I grew up in a train town. I played on the tracks all the time. Of course, I was warned not to do it, but, hey, kids, what are you gonna do.

While playing around the tracks, I did notice that on occasion two trains would arrive at the same time. No, not on the same track, because that would be tragic. It would scare the crap out of me, because I was focused on the train I could see when suddenly another train would appear. Not unlike someone jumping out at you from around a corner, except this person's "surprise" would kill you.

This is, it seems, is what happened to a young Navasota, Texas woman. The AP is reporting that Fredzania Thompson was on the tracks for a modeling shoot. She was standing between two sets of tracks. She saw a train coming on one set. When she moved off those tracks to the other set, she was struck by the train she didn't see. If this wasn't tragic enough, relatives say the 19-year-old had just found out she was 4 weeks pregnant.

She's mourned by her fiance, who says she was the type to always lend a hand to anyone who needed it. Her family recently honored her memory with a balloon release.

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