A Farmer's Branch, TX woman's For Sale sign is raising eyebrows, as it majorly insults a neighbor she's been feuding with for months.

Lisa Price has four dogs, and her neighbor has taken issue with their barking. He's reported her to city officials numerous times, installed surveillance cameras to monitor her yard, and even managed to have her fined $121.

"All of a sudden we got the ticket in the mail. It's $121," Price told KTVT/CNN. "He knew we had dogs when he moved in."

That was the last straw for Price. She decided to make a point by posting a For Sale sign in her yard with a less than friendly advertisement: "HOUSE FOR SALE BY OWNER BECAUSE MY NEIGHBOR'S A DOUCHEBAG".

"We thought maybe that would help him back off," Price said.

Neighbors are divided on whether or not the sign is appropriate, but the sign meets city codes and is considered a legitimate real estate advertisement, so Price will not be forced to take it down.

Her neighbor has reportedly been out of town, but it seems like a safe bet that he won't be too pleased when he gets home.

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