Texas has many activities that are great for all ages to enjoy in the summer time, and just about nothing can top the family fun of going to the zoo. Growing up, you probably never would have thought you would live to see the day where protecting animals in safe environments away from poachers and predators would become so despised by people, but we now live in strange times.

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One of the most important responsibilities for zoos is the promoting of mating among endangered species. In this case, a couple of critically endangered mates that have been together since 2010, are now incomplete as the male has passed away from what is believed to be a cause secondary to treating cancer.

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An autopsy has now been ordered to know exactly the cause of death for Kucing, a Sumatran tiger that was born at the San Diego Zoo in 2008, and arrived to the Cameron Park Zoo in 2010.

Devastating Loss, Beloved Texas Zoo Animal Now Dead

The challenges may not be over for the zoo because Kucing's mate of 14 plus years Maharani is 18 years old, and now without her life partner. Due to the species being critically endangered, it is very important that the species continues to be mated.

According to this KCEN article, Maharani is one of the two oldest females residing in the country, and the zoo is working with Sumatran Tiger Species Survival Plan to have a new pair residing in Waco soon.

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