As the excitement grows around the Radio Station for the World of Texas Dodgeball Challenge, we decided to do a multi-station Patches O’Houlihan Imitation Contest.  I really think we need to start practicing.  We need to hone our dodgeball skills so that when we hit the court on November 23rd the entire County of Bell is trembling with fear!  Well… Actually we should probably start planning out uniforms, because the best uniform contest is the only one we have a shred of hope of winning.

Now onto the impersonations.  First off is Traffic Manager Brandi... She tried...

Next we have Big Q.  This is like his fourth try.  Be sure to stay tuned for a blooper reel.

Breaking the record of not participating in the stunts that I manage to get everyone to do, I even did my best to be Patches.

Dani Morgan from B106 did her best to find the least dirty of the quotes and gave it her best shot!  She did it a few times so you can pick your favorite.  And she was even wearing a headband!

Aaron Savage on KTEM even got in on the competition.

Last but not least we have Caroline Gallogly.  She is our live events manager and is in charge of the whole tournament.  I think her impersonation is the creepiest and funniest of them all...  Enjoy...  I even got a cameo on her impersonation but was warned off camera not to mess it up.

There you have it... The six entries (five more than I thought I would get) that you get to vote on to see who you think is the best of all of them.


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