The Boss Project has officially began and I am feeling amazing!

For Day 1 I asked you guys to go out and feed someone who maybe homeless or in need of a meal. During my search I ended up stopping at a shelter in Killeen by the name of Friends In Crisis Center.

It's amazing how God always has a way of putting you in the right places at the right time. I actually had arrived late so majority of the people who were in need had already made it into the building but after talking with the director and a few people who work with the center I was introduced to a family who has been going through some hard times. They informed me that these people were so sweet and that it was a must that I met them.

Y'all know me by now, so you know I love the kids! So I went across the street bought a pizza and waited for them to arrive!

When they made it I was in awe. When I tell you that this family was so welcoming and loving I couldn't do anything but hug them. I spent a few minutes getting to know the kids and all I could think about was how taking a few minutes out of your day can open your eyes to so many different things!

I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people and I cannot wait to share their story on how they've overcome so many life hurdles.

Here's my video for day one. Please remember to use the hashtag #bossproject to share your experience.