Nicki Minaj voiced her opinion on a washed up MTV reality star, then the ish hit the fan! Yasmin Young here from the The AllThatYaz Show here to drop the Dirty Dirty!

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham got into a cat fight on Twitter! I guess Nicki was watching Teen Mom OG on MTV because she tweeted that Farrah isn't very nice to her mom, but used a bit more expressive language! I guess Farrah's "fans" must have tagged her, because it wasn't long before an all out war was happening! Check out the tweets below!

Nicki's Tweets:

CLICK HERE to see Tweet (Uses profane language)

CLICK HERE to peep the Tweet!

CLICK HERE to peep the Tweet!

Farrah's Tweets:

CLICK HERE for tweet (uses profane language.


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