Yesterday (Jan. 18), The Game celebrated the 12-year anniversary of his album The Documentary by thanking everyone who made it possible. The Compton rapper expressed his appreciation to 50 Cent and Dr. Dre for their roles in making the critically acclaimed LP become a reality.

"12 years ago today I dropped my 1st album," Game wrote. "An album that would go on to sell 10 million copies worldwide & reshape my city & coast.... I'm forever in debt to @DrDre for believing in my dream... [YOU] my fans for the support then & the ones that are still going hard for me at this very moment.... ain't no ME without YOU ! @50cent for helping push it through the final stages.... my brother @BigFase100 & @ComptonGRide for helping birth what the world would know as #TheBlackWallStreet & last but not least... my son @hvrlemtaylor for being the motivation behind everything I put into this album."

The Game also touched on how his son changed his whole attitude towards life and music. The veteran MC credited the birth of his son with improving his outlook on the future.

"Without the birth of my 1st son, I wouldn't have ever had the fire inside me to be anything other than dead," he wrote. "Before him, I didn't give a fuck about who's life I took or who would take mine.... all I knew was #Compton.... & I figured I'd end up shot dead in the streets over gangbangin just because that is the mentality of a young African-American male coming from where I come from."

You can read The Game's message in its entirety via the above Instagram post.

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