Clubhouse is taking over social media.

What's Clubhouse, you ask?

Clubhouse is a new social app that is taking over the lives of iPhone users. The new app is exclusive, invite- only audio app where users can move around virtual rooms discussing different topics and networking.

Popular topics include art, raising your credit score, hit tv shows, the state of the music industry, and culture.

It's like a never ending conference call.

With it not fully being launched, the exclusivity of the app makes it much more appealing. While it's still in the testing stage, it's invite only. Those who are looking to join have to wait until they're asked to join by a member. Every new member is allotted one invite, and then the number of invites increase by how much they interact.


Here's a list of things you must know about the Clubhouse. 

1) It's only available for iPhone users.

2) Nothing is saved on the app, so if you miss the conversation you just miss it.

3) You can see who's in the room and who is speaking.

4) It's unlimited characters for your bio.

5) There is a waiting list where you can register your username until you get an invite.

6) The most entertaining celebrities as of now are Meek Mill and 21 Savage.

If you're already on Clubhouse then you know..It's LIT!!

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