Guys, I've found a Hidden Gem and I am like a kid in a candy store right now!

Well of course you guys know I am still semi new to Central Texas, which means I am still finding my way. Over the last few months my weekends have consisted of nothing but real life Turn Up (Hard Liquor).

So yesterday my neighbors offered to take me out wine tasting and of course I was on the fence about spending my night at some establishment that I hadn't heard about. I had expected to go to some ol' up tight place and yawn the night away but boy was I wrong!

Get This...

This place was like no other in Killeen. The atmosphere, the people and the drinks were OUTSTANDING.

Have you guys ever heard of the Still House Wine Room? This place is the BOMB. When you first walk in you're greeted by this laid back ambiance with dim lighting and live music. They offer a variety of wine, beer and Hors D'Ouvres. Plus the service is fantastic!

The perfect place to kick back and enjoy good company.

You have to add this to your must visit list! For more information such as store hours and location visit their website Still House Wine Room.

You're Welcome! You now owe me a glass (or bottle of wine).