The viral breakout moment of the 2020 vice presidential debate had nothing to do with politics, but rather a fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence's head.

The debate was held on Wednesday (October 7) with Democratic nominee Kamala Harris and Pence squaring off. During the debate, a fly landed on Pence's hair, where it stayed for over two minutes. Naturally, social media went wild.

Fans of Saturday Night Live petitioned Jeff Goldblum to play the role of the fly in a sketch. (Goldblum previously portrayed a scientist who transforms himself into a fly-human hybrid in the 1986 film, The Fly.)

"The Fly just got a show on Netflix. Jeff Goldblum to voice," Bob Saget joked. 

Even presidential nominee Joe Biden got in on the action. "Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly," he tweeted alongside an image of him holding a fly swatter. He also shared a link to a website called, which guides visitors to a portal to help navigate people through the voting process.
Biden also added an official Joe Biden 2020 fly swatter to his merch store. "Truth over flies," the handle reads. The $10 item sold out in less than twelve hours.

See the best reactions to #flygate, below.

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