It's an unofficial holiday for some, and Saturday will mark the opening day for the new 'Smoking Pot' coffee shop in Houston, Texas.

While they won't be the first to serve CBD infused coffee in the crowded Houston coffee-house scene, they are going to try to make some noise by offering it as a part of their claim to fame.

The Smoking Pot will light up at 8 am on Saturday, April 20. They have a page on social media that says this weekend's event will feature artwork from local artist Khriz Obey. 0-60 catering will be there as well. The shop is at 9510 Longpoint Road in Spring Branch. In Texas, hemp-based CBD products can be sold without THC. CBD oil without THC does not cause a high, but users say it helps with relaxation.

Smoking Pot isn't the first coffee shop to offer CBD coffee. Amsterdam Co. opened earlier in the year. If you're interested, check out their store in the video below.

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