The pardon 'Tiger King' fans across the world expected to happen this week didn't materialize.


The legal team for Joseph Maldonado-Passage (AKA Joe Exotic) was so confident that their client would be pardoned by outgoing 45th president Donald Trump that they actually sent a limousine, plus  hair and wardrobe team, to pick him up at the federal prison where he's serving a 22-year sentence for violating wildlife laws and being involved in a murder-for-hire plot.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, YouTube
Fort Worth Star-Telegram, YouTube

When the pardon never came, Joe took to Twitter to let the world know how he feels about the news.

So as of now, Joe Exotic is expected to serve out his 22 year sentence, which would see him released in 2037. He's 55 years old and his lawyer say's he'll probably die in prison because of health issues.

As a reminder, Joe is serving a 22 year sentence because of a murder for hire plot targeting Carol Baskin. Baskin is a fierce rival of Joe Exotic and also runs a rescue sanctuary in Florida. Joe was also convicted of killing five tigers, illegally selling tiger cubs, and falsifying wildlife records. He was convicted in April of 2019.

Joe Exotic rose to fame after Netflix released Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness in March of 2020, right as the world shut down due to coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic. 34.3 million people watched the series in the first ten days of its release.

As much as I was hoping for a second season, it doesn't look like it's gonna happen.

Here in Texas, a prominent political figure was also passed over for a pardon: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

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