Out of 197 inmates currently on death row in Texas, only six of them are women.

Female death row inmates make up less than 3% of the people awaiting execution in Texas, and have been incarcerated for an average of 19 years. In 1976, Texas reinstated the death penalty, and has the most active execution chamber in the nation.

When Are Their Executions Due To Take Place?

As of right now, none of the women on death row have a set date for execution.

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In 1982, Charles Brooks Jr. became the first inmate to be executed by lethal injection.

Texas was one of just five states to carry out executions in 2021, putting three people to death, and matching 2020 for the fewest executions in 25 years.

The next execution in Texas is scheduled for March 8th, 2022 for Michael 'Spider' Gonzales, accused of killing his Odessa neighbors in 1995.

What Did These Women Do To Get On Death Row?

The six women sitting in Gatesville at the Mountain View Unit are Kimberly Cargill, Melissa Lucio, Linda Carty, Brittany Holberg, Darlie Routier, and Erica Yvonne Sheppard. Their ages range in age from 42 to 58 years old, and two of them have been convicted of killing one of their own children.

Only 6 Women Are On Death Row In Texas. Here's A Look At Their Crimes.

The six women on death row in Texas have been incarcerated an average of almost two decades. Continue scrolling to see their stories.

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