This weekend marks the moment of the sweet tooth, the chocolate challenge, the hunt for tasty treasures - it's the one time of year that kids can run around dressed as their favorite characters and go collect a bounty of sugar and sweets.

Just like any other time of year or event with lots of people and traffic involved, the risks increase significantly. This list is for parents, children, or anyone that plans to be out enjoying the Halloween festivities.

So take a couple of these tips and tricks with you when you go out this weekend.


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Can you see me?

The problem with costumes and lots of children walking around is that the little ones can get lost. Now, I guess you couldn't go get one of those kid leashes, but that's not really my style.

Instead, go get you some glow sticks that match for you and your child. When you give your kid a glow stick they're typically happy to have it, just make sure you're wearing a matching color so your kid can also find you.

This is also a handy way for kids and parents to stay visible when the sun goes down, which could help drivers see and avoid you.


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Crazy Drivers

Walking in the middle of the road, crossing without looking, running to the house with the coolest front yard Halloween display - all of these are common things that cause injuries during the candy season.

Be sure to watch out for vehicles while you go door to door.

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Halloween Celebrated In New York City Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
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Homemade is NO GOOD

I appreciate the sentiment and time that goes behind hand-making Halloween cookies or other tasty treats. Unfortunately, its hard to trust people these days, and it's best to not take unnecessary risks.

Any homemade treats should be disregarded, and that goes for open candy as well. No treat is worth my child's safety. Sorry Mrs. Baker Lady.


Dog Halloween Parade in NYC
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Furry Friends

Many of us will go out to enjoy the festivities and want to bring along the family friend. We'll go ahead and get you furry friend dressed up and go have some fun. But, please remember to keep an eye on your animal so they're not overheating if there is a costume. Animals can also became unsettled when surrounded by a lot of people, especially when they're all dressed crazy.

Columbia, South Carolina Celebrates Halloween Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
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So, be sure to go out and enjoy the festivities this weekend, but do it safely. Lights, glow sticks, fully charged phones, and a game plan can usually keep your family safe for Halloween.

Just be vigilant, keep an eye on your furry friend, and ALWAYS CHECK YOUR CANDY!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

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